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  • Diverse Teams + Desire To Disrupt Status Quo = Breakthrough Ideas

    Earlier today I sat in on a webcast that Joi Ito from MIT Media Lab hosted with David and Tom Kelley from IDEO where they discussed how to foster a culture of innovation and maximize the creative potential of said innovative organization. Then this evening I attended an intimate discussion hosted by the Hollywood Chamber […]

  • News Roundup: Google Glass and Healthcare

    A roundup of articles covering the intersection of Google Glass and Healthcare topics… Five Potential Healthcare Applications for Google Glass — http://thehealthcareblog.com/blog/2013/07/17/five-potential-healthcare-applications-for-google-glass/ Inside The Operating Room With Google Glass — http://www.forbes.com/sites/johnnosta/2013/06/21/google-glass-in-the-operating-room/ “OK GLASS:..TEACH ME MEDICINE!” — http://rgrosssz.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/ok-glass-teach-me-medicine/ TEDxDirigo – Rafael Grossmann – iPod Teletrauma: the $229 130 million sq. ft. Trauma Room — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9QW5jhuPKI&feature=youtube_gdata_player#mHealth

  • Reblog – Highlights of CES 2011

    I’m reblogging my post from an internal NBCU site here on our website for posterity sake. The 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just wrapped in chilly Las Vegas and two topics are worth noting: 3D & tablets. On top of those two major highlights you’ll see different form factors, different operating systems, different user […]

  • Reblog – Microsoft Keynote: Quick Impressions

    I’m reblogging my post over on the NBCU at CES site here on our website for posterity sake. After sitting through the Microsoft keynote, I can say for certain that they have some great things ahead in 2011 including a tablet & laptop device that I might mediately order tonight. Steve Ballmer focused the crowd […]

  • CES 2011: NBC Digital Model

    As part of the Media Money Makers program track, I sat in on a quick presentation from some familiar faces: the NBC.com executive team. The “From Broadband to Big Time: The NBC Digital Model” presentation from Vivi Zigler (President, NBCU Digital Entertainment), Steve Andrade (GM and SVP, Digital Development, NBC.com), and Nick Johnson (VP, Digital […]

  • CES 2011: Social TV

    Friday’s day-long panel discussion track continued with the Social Television – The Merger of Content, Social Interaction and the Video Platforms panel. The panel was moderated by Richard Sussman (VP of Digital Entertainment, The Nielsen Company) and includedMichael Kernan (Chief Executive Officer, NuMedia Studios), Greg March (Director of Digital Media, Weiden + Kennedy), Raviv Moore […]

  • Agile Journal Seminar: Agile Comes to LA

    The following are my notes from the Agile Comes to LA seminar on Thursday, December 17th 2009. The event was sponsored by AccuRev, Coverity, Electric Cloud, Rally Software, and BigVisible. The event saw leaders from each sponsor talk about how Agile software development techniques and the tools that support them can help you reduce risk, […]

  • Transitioning to Agile Product Development

    Last week I attended a PDMA LA roundtable discussion on “Transitioning to Agile Product Development“. The discussion was moderated by a PDMA LA board member and featured the following panelists: Scott Gilbert – President & Sr. Consultant at Enthiosys.com Scott Downey – Chief Scrum Master from MySpace.com Christophe Louvion, CTO – Agile Coach at Gorilla […]

  • Rally’s Agile Success Tour 2009: Los Angeles

    I sat through Rally Software’s Agile Success Tour 2009 in LA on March 26th at The Belamar and am pleased to provide my summary below along with some additional and relevant content from Rally. Please do enjoy! A recommended Agile blog to read: The Agile Executive A recommended book to read: Code Complete by Steve […]

  • Twiistup Event Recap

    I recently attended Twiistup 5 in Santa Monica on February 12th and was hoping to meet other digital media folks in SoCal as well as check out some cool, new companies who were demo’ing their sites/products. It was held in an empty airplane hangar at the Santa Monica Airport, which added to the coolness factor […]