About me

🌊 Aloha! My name is Jeffrey Paul. I was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland and currently reside near Chicago, Illinois. I manage open source product and enjoy helping others grow professionally. Like my father, I’m a documentarian and can regularly be found with my phone in front of my face capturing all the things my kids are up to.

Async Agile

Ever since I moved to Los Angeles during the summer of 2008, I’ve been a convert to the agile methodology for managing projects. Ever since I started working with XWP in the spring of 2016, I’ve been a convert to the remote work team structure. I’ve found between both of those that asynchronous agile can be difficult to get to work, but amazing once you do. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it, and ask me for advice or guidance!


If I’m working or spending free time on something, it’s likely one of these:

  • WordPress – if I’m working, chances are its contributing to WordPress core
  • Tide – a WordPress sub-project, currently focused on displaying PHP compatibility for all plugins and themes on WordPress.org
  • Gutenblox – a fun way to raise funds for the WordPress Foundation
  • PicoBrew Server – a fun way to hack my beloved homebrew device
  • ZenHub – if I manage a project on GitHub, then I’m using ZenHub
  • Wavebox – email, calendar, and all your apps in one place; oh, and its open source


The following non-profits are one’s that I’m actively engaged with or otherwise supporting. By listing these here, I’m strongly suggesting you support them as well! Got Your 6, Team Red, White & Blue, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.