Photo-Based Yellow Pages

By now you probably know that sells just about everything on earth, but what you may not know is that they have their own search engine called A9 as well. As far as search engines go A9 is not likely to overthrow Google’s dominance, but they do something that you definitely need to check out. Now.

It’s something so simple, yet intriguing enough to keep me interested well past my normal 2 minute attention-span… their Yellow Pages results show actual photos of your search result. The most powerful technology invented for Yellow Pages is “Block View,” which brings the Yellow Pages to life by showing a street view of millions of businesses and their surroundings. Go ahead, check it out, but be sure to select the best photo for your search result if no one’s already done so. They’ve only cataloged ten large US cities, but I’m sure they’re headed to Cedar Rapids sometime soon!






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