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  • Topps PLL pulls during the PLL Championship Series (including a Chris Gray 1/1!)

    Topps PLL pulls during the PLL Championship Series (including a Chris Gray 1/1!)

  • Hire Jorbin, a totally standard and normal internet person

    If you’ve got a digital org looking for someone to help scale while truly caring about how his team grows and performs, then go check out my friend the purveyor of bowties.

  • How you can contribute to WordPress (yes, 👉 YOU!)

    How you can contribute to WordPress (yes, 👉 YOU!)

    Me: Do you regularly use WordPress? 📇 You: Yes, I love it, it’s fantastic! 😍 Me: Have you ever thought about helping contribute to WordPress? 💡 You: No, I am not a developer. 😥 Me: Well, good news, you do not have to be! 🎉 You: Ok, tell me more… 🤔 Whether you have considered […]

  • Farewell to XWP

    I’m re-posting something I shared in XWP‘s internal Slack a couple weeks ago with some minor edits. It’s a good recap of how I felt in deciding to walk away from work and dear friends at the end of 2018. As I unplug from XWP, I’m reminded of the many amazing people I’ve met and […]

  • Complaints on Gutenberg rarely include alternatives

    Complaints on Gutenberg rarely include alternatives

    Don’t just point out problems, offer solutions as well.

  • Game Over: NBCUniversal Edition

    That pesky Bowser took out my last life, so unfortunately we won’t be working together to rescue Princess Toadstool from the castle. Hopefully we’ll meet up for some two-player action again, but until then may your travels through Mushroom Kingdom be safe and enjoyable. Player One… out.

  • Diverse Teams + Desire To Disrupt Status Quo = Breakthrough Ideas

    Earlier today I sat in on a webcast that Joi Ito from MIT Media Lab hosted with David and Tom Kelley from IDEO where they discussed how to foster a culture of innovation and maximize the creative potential of said innovative organization. Then this evening I attended an intimate discussion hosted by the Hollywood Chamber […]

  • E3 Highlights

    Along with @norrismarkw, I joined 46,800 video game industry professionals, investor analysts, and retailers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Items generating buzz at this year’s E3 were Nintendo’s Wii U next generation console, PlayStation’s PSVita next generation handheld, and Microsoft’s Live […]

  • LA Agile Cafe: All Your Agile Questions Answered!

    Last week I attended a half-day Agile Cafe event sponsored by Shopzilla and Rally. Paul Wynia from Irdeto and Rony Sawdayi from Shopzilla both provided some insights to their Agile deployments. Paul, Rony and Mik Quinlan from Shopzilla then had an open panel discussion covering topics from the crowd. Finally, John Martin from Rally wrapped […]

  • Happy Birthday to Me, Episode 32

    So, this time last year I set a couple goals for myself for the year and now its time to go back and see how I did as well as set some more goals for this coming year. 1) Be the best father, husband & friend I can be.Well, I have to say that while […]