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  • Comfort meals

    Comfort meals

    On a normal cold and rainy day, like it is here in Chicagoland today, I enjoy a good comfort meal to warm up both physically and mentally. It’s interesting what people view as a comfort meal as it usually relates to something they had as a child. With all the uncertainty in the world lately…

  • Feed My Starving Children

    Feed My Starving Children

    This morning Finley, Gavin, and I went to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) and volunteered by packing bags and boxes of their Manna Rice product that is specifically designed to assist in reversing and preventing undernutrition worldwide.

  • How you can contribute to WordPress (yes, πŸ‘‰ YOU!)

    How you can contribute to WordPress (yes, πŸ‘‰ YOU!)

    Me: Do you regularly use WordPress? πŸ“‡ You: Yes, I love it, it’s fantastic! 😍 Me: Have you ever thought about helping contribute to WordPress? πŸ’‘ You: No, I am not a developer. πŸ˜₯ Me: Well, good news, you do not have to be! πŸŽ‰ You: Ok, tell me more… πŸ€” Whether you have considered…

  • Abdullah Ramzan on Contributing to WordPress

    I love seeing people contributing to open source, with particular joy when that’s to WordPress. Sometimes though, it’s hard to know where to start contributing. I’ve written previously on high-level areas you can go to get started on contributing to WordPress, but Abdullah Ramzan published an introduction on how to contribute via reporting bugs, patching…

  • Farewell to XWP

    I’m re-posting something I shared in XWP‘s internal Slack a couple weeks ago with some minor edits. It’s a good recap of how I felt in deciding to walk away from work and dear friends at the end of 2018. As I unplug from XWP, I’m reminded of the many amazing people I’ve met and…

  • Complaints on Gutenberg rarely include alternatives

    Complaints on Gutenberg rarely include alternatives

    Don’t just point out problems, offer solutions as well.

  • Now Accepting Bitcoin!

    Now Accepting Bitcoin!

    We’ve recently added the ability to donate to Race For Vets via Bitcoin.  If hand-writing a physical check is too pedestrian for you and credit card donations via Got Your 6 (“In Honor Of”: Race For Vets), then hop on the digital currency trend and donate with Bitcoin (via Coinbase).  We’ve gone through months of testing…

  • Less than 2 weeks until Malibu!

    Less than 2 weeks until Malibu!

    I’ve got less than two weeks until the Nautica Malibu triathlon and am hoping you can help me reach my $6,000 fundraising goal.  I’m currently at $2,798 which is 47% of my goal.  A donation of $20 would greatly help me achieve my goal and go a long way in supporting veterans via the Got…

  • Race Recap: Honoring Our Heroes 10k

    Now that my ankle sprain has healed, I’ve managed to get in my second virtual 10k race.  The Honoring Our Heroes 10k was a race done at each participants schedule and location, my choice was in beautiful Los Angeles.  The virtual race was sponsored by Will Run For Bling and each participant received a personalized…

  • Race Recap: Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge

    Race Recap: Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge

    While visiting family back in Maryland, I was able to convince one of my sisters to run the Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge with me.  The race was my first full day back east and thus was a very early morning wake-up for my body and I could tell immediately upon starting the race that…

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