Milltown 5K finish line

Race Recap: Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge

While visiting family back in Maryland, I was able to convince one of my sisters to run the Hills of Milltown 5K Challenge with me.  The race was my first full day back east and thus was a very early morning wake-up for my body and I could tell immediately upon starting the race that my legs were none too happy to be recruited for a performance on so little sleep and at such an early time for them.  No matter, my sister was running the race after giving birth to her second child only four months prior.  So, no complaining from me, she’s the one manning up!

The race started off with an immediate uphill run followed by several other hills along the way.  The back roads of Milltown were quite beautiful and made for an enjoyable course.  The people of Milltown and the staff putting on the race were super kind and helpful with the various twists and turns out on the course.  Best of all, the race ended with a massive downhill on what was the initial climb.  Nothing like letting momentum carry you to and across the finish line.  The official race results had me coming in 16th place overall (7th in age group) at 24:40.37 and my sister crossed in 23rd place overall (4th in age group) at 26:21.02.  Pretty darn good placings for our tired and post-maternity legs!

The post-race party and awards were on the Courtyards of Tonge Row at the Little French Market Cafe and River House Pizza Co Courtyards.  The Ellicott City Old Town Farmer Market was in full swing and the party featured live music, beer garden (first beer free for runners!), and wood-fired pizza and pulled pork and pit barbecue.  Those folks in Ellicott City sure do know how to party after an early morning race.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to the Race For Vets cause so far, all the veterans and their families that you have helped via Got Your 6 thank you graciously.  Now for the pictures from the race… enjoy!






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