Race Recap: Honoring Our Heroes 10k

Now that my ankle sprain has healed, I’ve managed to get in my second virtual 10k race.  The Honoring Our Heroes 10k was a race done at each participants schedule and location, my choice was in beautiful Los Angeles.  The virtual race was sponsored by Will Run For Bling and each participant received a personalized bib to wear while they completed their race as well as a medal (aka “bling”) to wear proudly after competing in the virtual race.

My 10k course included a nice downhill to start, but a bloody long uphill in the second half; it would seem that I need to do a better job finding flatter courses to run!  While not elated with my finishing time of 53:50, I cannot truly complain as its my third fastest 10k that I’ve run to date and a good sign that my ankle is still feeling good.

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