Happy Birthday To Me!

Its official, I’m 31. Old? Nah. Mature? Hmmm, nope. Ready for what the next year brings me? You betcha!

Thanks to Jessie & West I got an amazing early birthday gift of being an Uncle. Thanks to Crystal, I’ll get an amazing after birthday gift of being a Father. What more could I ask for?

I’ve given it some thought and I’m hoping to that on top of the blessings of becoming an uncle and father, that I’ll be able to accomplish the following in the next year.

1) Be the best father, husband & friend I can be.
I’m certain that the next few weeks & months will be difficult with the lack of sleep and any additional stresses of becoming a new parent. I just hope that I can keep my head out of my ass and be patient with “Uno”, helpful with Crystal and dependable with my friends. I’m hoping all of you out there will keep me honest on this one.

2) Blog regularly.
I’m not going to say blog every day or blog once a week, because I know how spare my time will be. Regardless, I want to keep up this site as a way to keep everyone updated on “Uno” and for me to continue playing with all the fun technology in WordPress. If anyone has tips on great WordPress plugins or a lead on a great customized theme maker, let me know!

3) Read 6 books.
I figure a book every 2 months has to be a reasonable goal. And yes, parenting books will count. I recently read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and am partially through several other books. I hope that reading will give me some material to help generate blog posts to help accomplish goal #2.

4) Make something.
No, not another baby. I’m hoping to work on making something tangible outside my normal work. Maybe its a coffee table, maybe its an iPhone app, maybe its a web TV show. Who knows, but I want to make something, I want to be a producer and not just a consumer. Got an idea or want to work with me on something, let me know!

5) Get my fighting weight to under 200lbs.
Its been quite some time since I saw 190 something on the scale. Ok, its been a looong time. I felt really great last year as I was training daily at the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. I’m hoping that I can work in some regular workouts into my schedule and get back to under 200lbs, which if I recall correctly the last time I was in this ballpark was my honeymoon. Ouch, that’s 5 years ago.

6) Participate in 6 races.
I did 2 5ks and 2 triathlons last year, all were enjoyable. Well, the swim at the LA tri REALLY sucked (I now know more-or-less what it feels like just before you drown) and the 2nd half uphill run at the UniCity 5k sucked as well. Regardless, the feeling of crossing the finish line is amazing. I’m planning to beat my Sprint times at the Nautica Malibu Tri, to aim for the Olympic distance at the LA Tri, to do a duathlon and triathlon with Brian C. down in the OC, and to round out the rest with my friends on the NBCU Race Team (you guys rock!). Plus, all these races should help in accomplishing goal #5. Know of a race in the LA area that you’d like to do, let me know and let’s race it together!

7) Homebrew.
Ok, so this definitely isn’t going to help with goal #5, but I’ve got the supplies for home brewing with the somewhat-ghetto intro-to-homebrewing Mr. Beer kit. I’ve done one batch before back in 2007 or so. If you live in the LA area or are planning to visit LA, let me know and I’ll reserve a special bottle for you!

8) Go to church.
Let the record state that on more than 3 occasions in the last 2 months that I’ve tried to get Crystal to go to a Catholic church out here in LA. Not a Lutheran church where I’d be welcomed at communion, but a Catholic church where I’m not welcome to eat Jesus. Should I consider converting to Catholicism? Maybe. I want to bring some more spirituality back into my life and for “Uno”. Know of a great church in the LA area, let me know!

9) Vegas.
As in, visit Las Vegas. I drove from Bullhead City, AZ to Vegas last year to drop Crystal off at the airport there, but didn’t stay or stop off in the city. I live within driving distance and have for almost 2 years. Its about time I make a trip. Now just to convince Crystal that I its a good idea. Want to hit up Vegas with me, let me know and we can plan it together!

10) Enjoy SoCal, enjoy life.
At the end of the day, I want to be able to say that it was a good day and that I cannot wait for the next. To me, right now, that means enjoying the sunshine & warm weather that SoCal affords me, enjoy outdoor activities, enjoy good food & drinks, enjoy friends & family, and be grateful for all the I have.

Ok, so that’s a pretty good top 10 goals to aim for. If I can wake up on February 25th in 2011 and say that I managed to accomplish each of these, then I’ll be in a pretty good place. So, that’s it, those are my goals. Happy Birthday to me, now let’s start partying and get working on that “enjoy good food & drinks” this weekend… cheers!






5 responses to “Happy Birthday To Me!”

  1. Jess Avatar

    Wow, what a great Bday post! You’re in for an awesome year before you had these goals. I’ll be very impressed if you accomplish them all!
    A few notes:
    1. My eyes got a little watery on this one. Crystal, Uno, and all of us are lucky to have someone like you! As geographically advantageous friends, I’m happy to help with the balance with frequent visits and babysitting!

    4 and 7 can actually be combined into one accomplishment if you get good enough at 7. Which would make us very happy friends.

    8. There’s a nice one in Manhattan with tons of families and same for Redondo but thats a little further for you. Can we rope Nick in with the promise of brunch after?

    11. Happy Birthday!

  2. rita Avatar

    First, happy birthday! Second, congrats to your entire brood on the birth of the Kemper!
    Nice work! I love goals – can you make some for me? And help me stick to them???
    Eric and I (and likely Megan) would love to hit Vegas with you. We’re likely putting off China for a year and would like to celebrate the big 10 year anniversary someplace easy/close/good food/that we love!

  3. Jeffrey Avatar

    @Jess – For #1, help me keep my head out of my ass or kick me in it. For #4/7, I suppose I should aim for a nice Jersey Shore Pale Ale as the first brew! For #8, as long as Nick & I can be acolytes then its a GO!

    @rita – goal #1 for you, bring your family to meet their new brother/sister in LA. goal #2 for you, stay in LA. As for Vegas, can we bring along a baby sitter so the Paul & Brezina parents can get a night or two on the town together? Either way, I’m down for it!

  4. Fi Avatar

    I’m a bit slow with technology and only just found your blog. First of all a HAPPY VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY….and secondly LOVE your to do list. As I am 7 months behind on this blog, Uno=Finley has been born and I am sure you are the best dad ever (so one goal accomplished already).

    Missing you all v much here in rainy cold London, really hope I will be able to meet the young lady soon for some cuddles.

    Wishing you again a belated happy 31st year!


    p.s Homebrew and Vegas – I’m in!

    1. Jeffrey Avatar

      @Fi – glad you were able to be a digital super sleuth and find our blog! Things with Finley are going well, she’s a doll and I love it when she lights up when she sees me, too cute! We’re missing you too, but are hoping to get to London at some point to catch up with you.

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