Free Coffee, Great Rates!

I feel like I’m commenting on a horrible rendition of the famous Tastes Great, Less Filling commercials from Miller Lite…

Well, its free coffee if you happen to live in NYC, LA, Philly or (oddly enough) the burgeoning metropolis of Wilmington, Delaware. And even if you live in one of those cities/hamlets, you still need to trek to the one ING Direct cafe in that area.

Either way, their Peets Coffee is quite amazing and at worst a change of pace when compare to Starbucks.

BTW, according to Wikipedia the population of NYC is 8.1 million, LA is 3.7 million, Philly is 1.4 million, and Wilmington is 0.7 million. And according to the 2000 Census data of cities ranked by population NYC is #1, LA is #2, Philly is #5 and Wilmington didn’t even make the list (which is odd, but kinda funny).

So, how does ING Direct chose Wilmington to house one of its only four cafes in the US? Well, it’s where their US headquarters are and I’m guessing that’s due to the tax breaks in Delaware. You want my guess though? It’s gotta be because of the Delaware Smash, their famous World TeamTennis team. Right, World TeamTennis, that’s what brings me to Delaware.

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