Re-Lax head ECD Mesh and Strings with custom Powell Lacrosse strung head

Summer Bucketlist Item: Stringing a Lacrosse Stick

I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States, a place that at the time was a hot-bed for lacrosse. Most of my friends played, though I did not play competitively until after my junior year in high school. Still, I had a stick growing up and played catch with my friends. These days I find myself gravitating more toward the sport that has grown to be my favorite to play and watch: “the fastest game on two feet” and one that honors its Native American origins.

But of all the sticks I had growing up and of my burgeoning collection, I’ve never strung my own stick. So last summer (yes I’m a summer behind) I set a goal to string my own stick. Now, mind you that when I was a kid stringing a stick was much more complex with all the leather and nylon strings whereas these days it’s mostly a piece of mesh and some nylons. Still, it’s something I’ve not done before and managed to find myself with a couple days this summer with time to myself and dove right on in.

In terms of raw materials, I used a Re-Lax Discovery Head, ECD Hero 3.0 Semi-Soft USA Mesh, ECD HeroStrings, and an Epoch Dragonfly USA Shaft.

To start on how best to learn how to string a stick, I used ECD Lacrosse’s tutorial on a 9 diamond top string (note that I wanted to add on the triangle top string as it looks cool, but didn’t have enough space in the holes in the head). I moved on to use Powell Lacrosse’s tutorial on stringing a full mesh pocket and wrapped up with ECD’s tutorial on barreled nylons.






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