Josepha Haden sitting on a chair speaking on a microphone next to Michelle Frechette

Contributions Welcome!

Josepha Haden lead a panel discussion at WordCamp Montclair earlier this summer with Michelle Frechette, Courtney Robertson, and Ebonie Butler on the topic of the all women and non-binary release squad in WordPress 5.6 (aka “Simone”) and their individual and shared experiences contributing to WordPress. One of my favorite parts was when Josepha stresses what should already be a certainty, but unfortunately one that still bears repeating (and amplifying); namely that contributions from anyone should always be welcome.

The clip below highlights that part of the panel discussion and shows off Josepha’s wonderfully quirky approach storytelling. Please watch and consider sharing in your networks so we can ensure this approach to welcoming all contributions spreads as widely as possible.





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