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I miss sports

I didn’t quite realize how active our family and I was until we’re now on home isolation due to coronavirus. Between the sports the kids play after school, their gym class and recesses at school, playing with their friends after school, and general park and playground time they used to get a LOT of exercise. Similarly I used to get to the gym early in the morning and then plenty of other activity running the kids around town for their after school activities. Now, we get outside 1-2 times a day, weather permitting, for a long walk or a bike ride around a blacktop nearby. It’s just not the same.

On top of that, with no live sports on tv, we’re now realizing how much we all watched sports whether that was our kids games or college and professional games on tv. There are some great historical games being replayed, but for the most part unless you had zero idea of the outcome it doesn’t hold the same level of suspense.

So in order to bring some sports back to my daily life, I’ve decided to limit my wardrobe for the foreseeable future to the various sports jerseys that I’ve accumulated in my closet. Starting with a fantastic Orioles jersey featuring the long lost 2005 season Sammy Sosa had with the team. A big thanks to Dan Baldwin who gave me the jersey, though I think it was mostly as a gag.

Let’s see pictures of you all in your favorite sports gear in the comments or over on Twitter! #IMissSports



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