Sad Keanu is a 49ers Fan

Who knew that Keanu Reeves was a San Francisco 49ers fan? Not me, at least not until I saw him looking so forlorn and sad on the 49ers bench after the BALTIMORE RAVENS won Super Bowl 47!

Sad Keanu, 49ers Fan.
Who knew Keanu Reeves was a San Francisco 49ers fan?

Keith Olbermann’s Back In Sports!

The top notch publication that is The Baltimore Sun has reported that Keith Olbermann will be getting back into the sports TV journalism business. when he reports as part of the NBC Sunday Night Football pregame program, Football Night in America. Mr. Olbermann currently hosts Countdown on MSNBC and appears on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio, but this will be his triumphant return to TV sports journalism since he left Fox Sports in 2001.

I think this is a great way for NBC to leverage Keith’s previous sports journalism experience and improve their SNF programming with his creativity, wit, and general ability to speak his mind (when many are too afraid to say what they’re thinking).

Great work NBC and good luck Keith!

Olbermann on “Fightin Whities”

Sheffield Exonerated, BoSox Fans Not

Many of you out there remember the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers brawl in the NBA last fall. It was certainly unforgivable for all involved – players and fans. There have been several sports-related brawls in recent memory and all of them very unnecessary. I must admit that many of those brawls were started by either a player or a fan and then promptly escalated quickly when all involved acted irresponsibly.

Now fast forward to today when the brawl (or scuffle) of note is the one involving two Boston Red Sox fans and Gary Sheffield of the New York Yankees. In my humble opinion the Red Sox fans acted irresponsibly and Gary Sheffield showed a large amount of restraint in not fiercely fighting back.

The MLB and local Boston police seem to agree with me as Gary will not be fined or suspended and the two Red Sox fans lost their 2005 season tickets and are being charged with misdemeanor crimes. So, congrats to Gary for showing some restraint and a warning to all those fans out there who think they’re above the law — you can and will be prosecuted.