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  • Happy 7th Birthday Gutenberg!

    Happy 7th Birthday Gutenberg!

    Just over 7 years ago, Gutenberg was “born“. Congrats to Matías Ventura for that initial commit and the 1,099 contributors for achieving this milestone. Hopefully the new Props Bot will bring significantly more credited contributors over the next year such that we’re celebrating and even more successful 8th birthday next year!

  • Matt + 40 = Bloganuary

    Matt + 40 = Bloganuary

    Earlier this year (I know, AGES ago right?) Matt Mullenweg shared that as part of his 40th birthday he wanted more folks blogging. None of my 27 draft posts felt worthwhile and then realized the Bloganuary prompts might be a good place to go. So here we go with today’s prompt: Describe an item you were incredibly…